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About Pearl pishori rice

Pearly white and deliciously aromatic Pearl Pishori Kenya Rice is grown in the lush green paddy fields of the Mwea region and promises a feast for the eyes and palate.

Pearl Pishori Kenya Rice draws food lovers with its unrivalled aroma and sweet taste and is a hall-mark of quality, second to none.

Perfect Pearl Preparation...

Pearl Rice is cleaned and packaged using state-of-art technology retaining its aroma and freshness.

To get perfectly cooked rice, here are some suggestions.

Rinse the Pearl Rice under cold water to remove excess starch and residue, which is what will give you fluffy rice as opposed to sticky or gummy rice, rinse your rice at least two to three times. We recommend you use a heavy pan - preferably copper based - to cook your rice, this will ensure that not much of a crust is formed as the rice cooks.

We don’t suggest that you add salt or butter when cooking as adding seasoning degrades the rice’s natural sweet flavour.

On nights when you're in a rush, soak Pearl Rice in cold water, besides speeding up the cooking time, this will give the rice a softer, fluffier texture, so if you prefer rice with a firmer texture, save this for nights when you're in a real hurry.

Save leftover cooked Pearl Rice to make fried rice and other delicious dishes, have a look at our recipe page for some great ideas…

Did you know?

Rice is Kenya’s third staple food after maize and wheat. Its consumption has been growing rapidly and it is likely to overtake wheat. Local production is estimated at between 33,000 and 50,000 metric tonnes, while consumption is between 180,000 and 250,000 tonnes.

Pearl pulses

Pearl Pulses family offers a large variety of grains, cereals and lentils. These include Green Grams, Imported Popcorn, Green Peas, Masoor Dal, Cow Peas, Chana Dal etc.

Pearl Pulses are produced, sorted and packed using the latest SORTEXTING technology to ensure quality hygiene is maintained. Pulses are filled with wholesome nutrition to keep you energized.

The range comes in the following SKUs: Green Grams& Popcorns in 1/2kg and 1kg All the others variants come in 1kg packs only.


Kenya is a Pishori Country


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